Virginia Career Institute


The mission of Virginia Career Institute is to help students create a better life through career education. We do this by understanding and catering to our students' needs. We offer high-quality career training in some of the fastest-growing fields. Classes at Virginia Career Institute are streamlined to help students become job-ready in as few as eight months. And financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Our Career-Focused Programs

Virginia Career Institute offers hands-on programs designed to train adults for in-demand careers. Our focus on specialized education allows students to develop the skills needed to succeed in today's demanding marketplace.

Licensed Practical Nurse

This program provides the theory, laboratory and clinical experiences to prepare the student for an entry level position in Practical Nursing. Nursing theory guides clinical practice in this program.

Medical Assisting

This program provides career education students with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to perform professional duties in a medical office or clinic setting. Students are trained in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and administrative functions.

Medical Office Specialist

This program is designed to prepare students to perform administrative tasks such as: medical billing and coding, medical claims processing and examination, collections and follow-up on delinquent claims, keyboarding, and word processing.

Massage Therapy

This program teaches students obtaining the proper career training the fundamentals of massage. Get prepared to take the certification exam and work in the massage industry.

Surgical Technology

This skill-intensive program is designed to prepare students with the methods, technology and instrumentation needed to assist surgeons in the operating room.

Court Reporter

This career education program is designed to prepare the graduate to work as a court reporter and to become certified in the profession. It offers a complete but streamlined academic curriculum, providing a sound theory background and machine shorthand speeds up to 225 words per minute.

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